Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Chalk cupcake

Hi there,
half week is already gone luckily and everyone seems to be looking forward to the weekend, right? Well, I surely am! What has kept me busy recently is painting chalk cupcakes with acrylic paint, that's so much fun!! I'd like to put different cupcakes (I have some of different shapes and with various fruits on top) on display in the kitchen, as my Ikea cake-stand looks so sad when it's empty!!
Chalk is an amazing material, it's my craze at the moment, and I've made other things with it using silicone moulds. I'll try to share some with you in the next few days, promised! But meanwhile enjoy my cupcake, it absolutely calorie-free!! LOL

Have a nice evening!


  1. Vicky, this looks amazing! How did you make that Cupcake? I am sure all the one's you will make will look great in your kitchen on your Ikea cake-stand!! =) Slurp! Such a shame they are not to eat...;)

  2. Hi Vicky, It looks very tasty.., I almost get hungry!! But guess they are on the hard side..*lol*!! Beautiful.. :) Hugs Ulla